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online casino USA no deposit bonus

Choosing the Best Online Casino USA No Deposit Bonus

The best way to get an online casino experience in the states is by taking advantage of online casino USA no deposit bonus offers. These promotions are a great way to get instant free cash to wager at your favourite online casino.

Sign up and take advantage of these online casino offers and get real money paid into your casino account as soon as your details have been processed.

You can start wagering immediately and then once you have met the casino wager requirements, you can start withdrawing your cash using all major credit and debit facilities as well as online payment facilities.

The Legality Of Online Casinos

Online casino USA no deposit bonus promotions are offered at completely legal online casinos. They are regulated by international bodies like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada or the UK Gaming Commission.

These bodies insure that online casinos conduct their business practices in a lawful manner and that real money wagering can be done in a safe environment.

Real American Dollar Wagering

Online casino USA no deposit bonus money is available in American dollars. Even though online casinos are hosted in other countries, the preferred currency online is in fact American dollars.

You usually don’t have to look very far for an online casino that uses American dollars as most use the currency as default anyway due to its stability and its wide acceptance in many countries.

Safe And Secure Online Transactions

Online casino USA no deposit bonus offers is a great incentive to sign up to online casinos but once you are signed up, how is your real money transactions protected from hacker?

Real money deposits and withdrawals obviously will require sensitive banking details. Online casinos are already a few steps ahead of would be hackers in this regard.

They employ the best available encryption technology that completely protects all your sensitive personal information and ensures that transactions are secured from your internet enabled device, right through to your bank or financial service provider.

Audited And Fair Online Software

Many players may feel that even with the online casino USA no deposit bonus, it may still be a risky proposition to sign up. Luckily you can rest assured that there are special third party auditing companies that are hired for the specific purpose of checking online casino software and testing that these games are in fact fair and the results of slot spins or card shuffles are truly random.

Online casino games use special software called random number generators that essentially determine the outcome of random events in casino games.

This software is specifically designed to produce random results as would be obtained from someone shuffling a deck of cards or a croupier rolling a ball in a roulette wheel.

The third party companies test the results of the online games and provide a report on the software to the casino. The most reputable casino will publish the results of these reports and players can often view the reports on the site itself.

online casino USA no deposit

Online Casino USA No Deposit Options

The best way to start online gaming is by using online casino USA no deposit bonus offers. These bonuses are provided to players who sign up to the casino and do not wish to make an immediate cash deposit.

The no deposit bonus will allow players to receive a real money sum upon registration being approved that they can then spend on any online casino games.

Any winnings received will be added to your account and count as real money. You will only, however, be able to withdraw these amounts once you have wagered a specified amount of your own money.

Secure Online Deposits And Withdrawals

Online data security is important to both players and the casino itself. Any breach of security will cost the site in money as well as player confidence. With the online casino market as competitive as it is, this is a risk that casinos can ill afford.

That is why player’s personal data is protected using only the latest data encryption technology so that deposit and withdrawals can occur safely and seamlessly. Online casino USA no deposit bonus offers will require you to at some point make real money deposits into your account.

This is because before you are able to withdraw from your account, you must first meet the sites wagering requirements. Online casinos can assure you that these transactions will remain private and safe.

The Types Of Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

In order to make deposits and withdrawals you can make use of many accepted payment and withdrawal methods. Most major credit and debit card services are accepted from players in the USA. Additionally there are many online financial service providers that can also facilitate safe deposits and withdrawals.

Transactions usually require 24 hours to be processed by online casinos, from there each financial service provider will have their own stipulated times to process online transactions. Online casinos also have daily and monthly withdrawal and deposit limits.

Free No Download Games

The online casino USA no deposit bonus is all you need to get started with your gaming as the games are free to play. You will have access to slots, video poker, table games like poker and blackjack as well as roulette games, Keno, online bingo and even lottery games.

These games can be played hassle free straight from your browser. You won’t have to download special software or pay any hidden costs. You have full reign of the whole virtual casino floor to make real money wagers.

Legal Online Gaming In The USA

Online casino play with real money wagering is legal in the USA. The servers that host online casinos are located in other countries where gambling is legal.

This means that no laws are broken when players make wagers at online casinos. Certain states may have laws that dictate that taxes must be paid on online gambling winnings so it is best to check what your specific state law’s position is.

The only exception to this rule is when an online casino has services hosted in the USA ,for instance a call centre. Luckily these sites will be blocked in your browser so you won’t be able to access them either way.

online casino USA legal

Online Casino USA Legalties From A Historical Point Of View

In order for any industry to function effectively, there must be sound rules and regulations and legal compliance in place.  The casino industry in the USA is governed by no less than three sets of gaming regulations.  Land based as well as online casino USA legal regulations are based on a body  of regulations going back more than two centuries.

The USA is in many ways a very liberal and open-minded country when it comes to gaming laws, with tribal casinos operating in more than 25 US states, and USA State-run lotteries being available in 44 US states.

Online casino gaming laws are slightly less progressive than its land based counterpart, but even here, the industry has seen exciting developments during the last couple of years.

Restrictions That Protect

Online casino USA legal regulations restrict certain activities for good reason.  Ultimately these laws are in place to protect both the industry and the players.

Some laws have in actual fact been deemed to be too restrictive, and amendments have been made in order to make better provision for growth on the online side of the industry.  The Interstate Wire Act is a good example of this.  The Act was initially passed in order to cut into the profits of organised crime, creating a penalty that could by enforced by Federal Government in the USA.

The secondary effect however, was that the Act restricted access to betting by wire (translating into online bets).  In 2011, USA Federal Government offered some clarity on a previously confusing Act, stating that wire communications that did not relate to a sporting event or contest, fell outside of the scope of the Act.  This largely liberated online gaming from the restrictions of the Act.

State Gambling Law

The toughest cookie in the bag when it comes to online casino USA legal restrictions is State Gambling Law.  It’s no surprise when considering that more than 50 law books must be taken into account and adhered to, not to mention county and municipal by-laws.

In the years following World War II, only Maryland offered regulated gambling that operated within the boundaries of the law.  It was only during the 1970’s, following a major economical depression that swept across all states in the USA, that gambling laws were relaxed.  Ever since then, land based, and more recently, online casino USA legal boundaries have continued to evolve and progress.

What must be constantly kept in mind, is that gambling provides valuable revenue, and when properly governed, becomes a active role player in keeping the wheels of the economy turning.  Legal and authorised gambling has been instrumental in the avoidance of taxes having to be raised in order to provide much needed services.

Tribal casinos have played an especially crucial role in increasing State revenue income.  The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act governs all tribal casinos, and stipulates that gaming revenue be used for Governmental and Charitable purposes only.

The overall positive effects of the gaming industry on the economy as well as the social morale of the country as a whole far outweigh the limited negative implications.

Red Hot Devil

Red Hot Devil Slot Review and Information

Red Hot Devil is a fiery slot set in a dark and menacing underworld of some type. The slot isn’t just concerned with everything devilish, though, and is of a reference to hot things in general. This includes fire, red roses, a scorpion, and a pitchfork, among others. The background of the game is set alight in gigantic flames, with a range of different colours, from black to purple, making it a darker, more relaxed scene when compared to the symbols found across the reels.

Red Hot Devil is another slot by software developer giant Microgaming, and a welcome addition to their gaming library thanks to the multitude of bonus features included in the game. 5 reels and 25 paylines make up the main base game, with a non-progressive jackpot of 800x. The game is most readily available on most computers, while a mobile version is not currently possible to play.

Red Hot Devil Fiery Symbols

Forgoing the classic numbers and letters, Red Hot Devil instead uses a set of unique symbols that fit the theme of the game well, such as the mentioned scorpion and roses. All the symbols are tinted with flames, and give the sense that the player is in a fiery, burning underworld. The wild, depicted as the Red Hot Devil logo, acts as a substitute for other symbols in the game, can only be found on reels two, three and four. The scatter, a pink heart surrounded by flames, activates the bonus features in the game.

Red Hot Devil Free Spins

The most common form of bonus in Red Hot Devil is free spins, which requires the heart scatter symbol. Three or more are needed, and players will receive both ten free spins and a multiplier. The free spins do not increase per scatter landed, but the player does receive high multipliers. For example, if five scatters land at once, a multiplier of up to 10x can be awarded.

Red Hot Devil Wheel of Fire Bonus

Once activated, a small mini game will appear on the screen, and players are given a choice of ten different orbs. Choosing an orb reveals a special prize, and this can continue until the player chooses an orb containing the jester, after which the game will come to an end and the player is taken back to the main game. This bonus is very consistent, similar to the free spins, and players can expect to make a fair amount of winnings through this bonus alone.

Red Hot Devil Red Hot Wild Reels

This bonus starts off by giving the player ten free spins, and during a spin there is a chance that reels two, three, or four may become completely wild. Scatters that land on the remaining reels, one and five, will turn those reels wild as well, meaning that there is a chance to have wilds across the reels, with very big winnings as a result.

Red Hot Devil Verdict

Red Hot Devil will be an instant favourite for those that love their slot games with a bit more variety when it comes to bonus content.

Red Baron

Red Baron Slot Review

World War 1 was known for many things, sometimes for the terrible trench warfare, sometimes for the archaic tanks and weaponry. One thing that often stands out above the rest in regard to the war is the outstanding aerial combat performed by the skilled pilots of the time. Of all the stories that have been remembered to this day, few stand out as well as the stories of the legendary Red Baron. The Red Baron, real name Manfred von Richtofen, was a German pilot that managed to down over 80 enemy pilots on his own. Even by today’s standards, this is an incredible feat, and there have not been many pilots since that possess the same amount of aeronautical skill.

As online slots have been created using themes of every shape and size, it is little wonder that developer Aristocrat would make a slot devoted to the ace pilot. Thus Red Baron was born, a 5 reel, 243 payline online casino slot featuring free spins, a gamble, as well as a 1500x jackpot. Red Baron is available on most desktop computers, although a mobile version is not offered.

Red Baron Layout and Symbols

The slot is obviously set in a blue sky, where all the Red Baron’s greatest victories took place. The layout of the reels and settings are extremely simple, and the game is not garnished with too many thematic editions. This makes the game easy to use, where players can quickly find everything they need in order to play. Along the bottom of the screen, below the reels, including the choice of amount to bet per every spin, as well as the number of lines active per round. Spin and autoplay buttons are also available, as well as displays for total credit balance, total bet, and the total win amount.

Symbols include both unique images relating to the Red Baron, and the traditional numbers and letters. Each has a value, which can be viewed in the paytable, and these are the values used in combinations that determine the amount of winnings a player will earn. Symbols of a higher value are made up of a dog, a woman, the Red Baron’s plane, and the man himself. The wild is a special medal from World War 1, while the scatter is represented as a large, red bulls eye. It should be noted that, unlike other wilds, the wild in Red Baron could be used as a substitute for all symbols, including the scatter.

Red Baron Bonus Content

The main bonus content in Red Baron comes in the form of free spins, which are activated with the use of the bull’s eye scatter symbol. Landing three scatters on reels two, three, and four will give the player 15 free spins to use, but players will also get the chance to try and guess how many planes will be on screen during the bonus rounds. If guessed correctly, the player can earn a multiplier, all the way up to 40x, which is then added to winnings. Red Baron also features a standard gamble feature.

Red Baron Verdict

With the higher than normal paylines available, as well as the unique twist on the free spins bonus, Red Baron is a slot that many will certainly find entertaining.

Real money eSports betting

Real Money eSports Betting Deposit Methods

Real money eSports betting processes are practically identical to those which traditional sports betting requires, and punters are able to fund their accounts and make withdrawals from them by means of just about any major financial institution.

MasterCard and Visa Real Money eSports Betting Deposits

MasterCard and Visa are by far the two most well-known, and widely used, methods by which real money eSports betting deposits are made. Punters enjoy this method so much because of how easy it is to accomplish, and the fact that the built-in security measures these companies provide add to the state-of-the-art protection already in place at the bookmaker. The only drawbacks to this means of making money available for eSports wagers is that low deposit limits may be in place, and certain restrictions may be enforced as to how many deposits punters are able to make over predetermined periods of time.

Bitcoin Real Money eSports Betting Options

While not available for real money eSports betting deposits across the board, many bookmakers offering eSports options allow punters to make deposits by means of Bitcoins if they wish to. Even smaller online bookmakers, especially those that specialise in eSports, do allow for this method for both deposits and withdrawals, as well.

Other Real Money eSports Betting Deposit Methods

There is a good variety of ways in which punters are allowed to make real money eSports betting deposits into their online accounts, and these include:

  • eWallets like Skrill and Neteller
  • Wire transfers from a cheque account to the player’s bookmaker account
  • ACH transfers
  • Cash deposits at land-based satellite locations
  • Various money transfer services

The Size of the Real Money eSports Betting Market

Thanks to the extraordinary growth, and semi-private make-up of real money eSports betting, there are no exact figures able to accurately depict the size of this market currently. However, a recent study did predict that the total wagering for eSports will exceed US$20 billion by the year 2020. There are, however, some general guidelines which can be applied to both the current size of this industry and the direction it is most likely to head in the future.

There are a reported total of 145 million eSport betting enthusiasts across the globe, and audiences exceed tens of millions for the major events. It is thus safe to say that there is very likely to be over one million players engaged in real money eSports betting currently. This figure is bolstered by the fact that daily player totals at the top fantasy eSports sites are in their hundreds of thousands, and this is the total just focused on the US market.

The leading traditional bookmakers offering eSports betting options are taking their two millionth bets currently, and, even if the most modest estimate of the average wager is taking as an example, the total amount bet at eSports bookmakers approaches the US$50 million mark. This total, further, does not take into account the fantasy eSports sites’ games.

Ramesses Riches

Ramesses Riches Slot Review

Ramesses Riches is set in Ancient Egypt, a theme that almost all slot developers have used in one or more of their games. Gameplay and bonus content is what sets a slot apart, and Ramesses Riches does manage to provide players with more than the standard. Net Entertainment is the developer behind Ramesses Riches, and any fan of NetEnt will know that their games are of a higher quality than most, and this does extend to Ramesses Riches. Plenty of betting options are present, as well as quality aesthetics and the mentioned extra bonus features.

Mechanically, Ramesses Riches is a 5 reel, 20 unfixed payline slot with symbols ranging from high to low values, as well as a wild and scatter. Players can also expect a 5000x jackpot and the chance to play the slot on just about any type of platform, including smart phones and tablets.

Ramesses Riches Symbol Layout

As mentioned, symbols in Ramesses Riches are split between those of high value and those of low value, as with most slots. For those experienced players, the classic numbers and letters that make up the low value symbols will be instantly recognised. High value symbols, on the other hand, are made up of the Eye of Horus, Bastet, Cleopatra, and a sacred scroll. These two sets of symbols match together during spins, using the combinations and set values to calculate the winnings for players when they have a successful round.

The next two symbols to keep an eye out for are the wild and the scatter. The wild is Ramesses, and acts as the combination symbol substitute in the game. The scatter, represented as an eternal Ankh, is more rare than other symbols, but needed in order to activate the bonus content.

Ramesses Riches Bonus Features

The bonus features are when the ankh comes into play, and three or more are required to land anywhere across the reels before the bonuses are triggered. Three ankhs mean twelve free spins, four means sixteen, and a total of five ankhs are needed for the maximum twenty free spins. Additionally, while the free spin rounds are in motion, all winnings are automatically multiplied by three times, while players still retain the chance to earn more spins while the rounds progress.

Ramesses Riches Gamble

Whenever a player lands a winning combination, a prompt starts up and the player is able to choose to start the gamble feature. A mini game then begins, and here players will need to try and guess through a succession of different cards, shown as red, black, or a suit bet. If guessed correctly, winnings are either doubled or quadrupled. If guessed incorrectly, however, the player will lose those winnings and be taken back to the main screen, hence the name of the bonus feature.

Ramesses Riches Verdict

Despite the fact that there are dozens upon dozens of different Egyptian themed games on the market, Ramesses Riches does stand out thanks to the inclusion of the bonus features and solid Net Entertainment gameplay.



Ragnarok Slot Review

Almost every belief system on the planet has some sort of end scenario, where the world as we know it eventually comes to an end and irreversibly changes. For the Christian faith, this is known as The Rapture, but for the ancient pagan belief often associated with Vikings, Ragnarok is the end of days. In this slot, Ragnarok, players will be transported to a world of age-old gods and heroes worshipped by our ancestors thousands of years ago, all of which are often considered the building blocks of many modern faiths. With all this aside, the actual slot is powered by Genesis Gaming, and features a standard online slot layout of 5 reels and 25 paylines.

Ragnarok is not a bright, loud and colourful slot like many others of the same genre, and prefers to take a darker look at the end of times. This being said, the slot will still appeal to many, and the developer’s take on ancient gods such as Thor and Odin are interesting and unique. The backdrop that the game is set against is fairly bland and does not make reference to any part of Norse mythology, instead simply being a grey wall with vines growing up on either side. The main draw of the game is the symbols and the way they fit into the theme overall.

Ragnarok Symbols

Symbols in Ragnarok are very distinct when it comes to the difference been high and low value. Lower value symbols, the classic numbers and letters, are plain and simple, but still remain faithful to the look of the slot. On the other hand, the higher value symbols, the ones that feature the gods themselves, are immediately different, each with a small, blue border that make them stick out as soon as they enter the playing area. There are three bearded men, and while not specified in the game, one can presume that these are the famous Odin, Thor, and Loki.

Ragnarok Bonus Features

What really sets Ragnarok apart from others with the same theme is the unique rune bonus feature. After every spin is completed, special rune symbols are awarded to the player at random. These runes stack up until prizes are given to the player.

Ragnarok: Thor

Next in the bonus feature is the Thor vs. Jor bonus, which is activated once three Yggdrasil tree symbols have landed. Once triggered, players receive ten free spins as well as a multiplier of 2x.

Ragnarok: Freyr

Level two of the bonus feature activates when players have accumulated anywhere between 15 and 30 runes. Here, players can either receive 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier, or a special pick of different prizes and a 5x multiplier.

Ragnarok: Odin

Lastly, the Odin vs. Fenrir bonus comes with three different features, each with its own rewards. Players have the chance to earn up to 8 free spins, instant cash prizes, and either a 5x or 10x multiplier.

Ragnarok Verdict

The bonus content of Ragnarok is what really makes the slot stand out, and this is only accentuated by the fact that bonuses can be earned as long as the player carries on spinning the reels. This makes Ragnarok a unique and entertaining slot.


Break da Bank 3REEL

The Slot Game Break da Bank 3REEL is All About Money

It is every gambler’s dream to Break da Bank, and walk away with a life changing amount of money from the casino. Break da Bank 3REEL slots game is an online game created by the leading developer Microgaming, and this game caters to that dream, and develops that theme. This is a classic slot game with three reels and five pay lines.

Break da Bank 3REEL is still one of the most popular slots games Microgaming ever produced. It is over eight years since it was released, but is still widely played in many countries. This game has inspired several sequels and spin offs.

Simple and Clear Symbols

The theme of Break da Bank 3REEL is simple, and has only the one aim of money, and how to get lots of it. Staying in line with the theme of the game, all the symbols of Break da Bank three reels are connected to money.  Even the colours used in the game remind you of money, being green and gold and purple. There are gold Dollar Signs, Safety Vaults, Gold Coins, and the Break da Bank Logo.

There is also a Bar symbol, single, double and triple Bars, which are one of the basic classic slots symbols, and which are always present in three reel slot games.  The Break da Bank 3REEL is a Wild symbol, and can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. This Wild symbol will also double any prize of a winning sequence it helps to complete. If two of the Wilds are used in a winning combination, the winnings will be quadrupled.

An Easy to Read Pay Table

Break da Bank 3REEL is an easy game to play, like all classic slot games, but the payouts are good. This game also uses a pay table on the side of the screen which is easy to read, so you can just hit the spin button and begin play. There is also an AutoPlay function that you can use to keep the reels spinning automatically. You also have the chance of trying out the game for free before you wager real money.

Different Betting Options

Betting options may be a bit limited, but the wagering limits allow different coin denominations to be used, and will give an inclusive spectrum that will suit medium wager players as well as the penny bettors. The Bets that can be placed for amounts over a dollar will please high rollers. Break da Bank 3REEL can also be played on any mobile device, whether a smart phone or tablet. Whatever device you use the game will be identical to the game played online

There is a fixed jackpot, or maximum win, that is offered in Break da Bank 3REEL. To win this jackpot you have to find at least three of the Break da Bank Logos on an active pay line, and the amount of the jackpot that you win will depend on the number of pay lines in play at the time.

Break da bank 3 REEL is a classic slot game that remains popular because it is simple to play but offers some really good payouts. Because it has only three reels, there are no free spins rounds or bonus rounds. Any player can play end enjoy this game, whether they are new players or veterans of the online casino world of games.

World Baseball Classic

The Next World Baseball Classic Will Be in Seoul

The World Baseball Classic is the only international baseball tournament. It was originally established by the International Baseball Federation in 2006, and since 2013 has been sponsored by the World Baseball Softball Confederation. The World Baseball Classic is the main baseball tournament sanctioned by the WBSC, and the winner of this competition is given the title World Champion.

The 2006 and 2009 tournaments each had the same sixteen team field, chosen by invitation. Beginning with the 2013 tournament, the four teams in the last places in the previous tournament each have to contest a qualifying round against three new teams. The result of this process is that fourteen of the original sixteen teams have continued to appear in every tournament. In 2013 Chinese Taipei and Canada re-qualified, while South Africa and Panama were replaced with teams from Spain and Brazil. For the 2017 World Baseball Classic, Australia and Mexico qualified again, while Brazil and Spain will be replaced with Israel and Colombia. Originally held every three years, there is now a four year gap between the competitions.

The Schedule for 2017

The schedule for the 2017 World Baseball Classic, which will take place in Seoul, South Korea, has been unveiled. It will begin in March, and two time champion Japan will play the first game against Cuba. The United States begin their campaign against Colombia a few days later. The first round has a round robin format, and the top two teams at each site advance to the second round. The winners and runners up will advance to the finals. The last final, in 2013, was won by the Dominican Republic in an all Caribbean World Baseball Classic.

The World Baseball Classic replaces the Baseball World Cup which was discontinued in 2011. Baseball was also voted out of the Olympics in 2005. One of the reasons this tournament was created, was to replace these two competitions on the world stage. It was also to help in promoting the game around the world. The countries who have national baseball teams, and who are eligible for the World Baseball Classic, are Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Netherlands and of course the United states. Certainly, the World Baseball Classic final of 2006 and 2009 still rank as among the highest rated sporting events in Japanese television history.

The Enthusiasm for Betting on Sporting Events

The enthusiasm and interest generated by the big sporting events around the world has grown immensely in the last few years, together with the corresponding rise in online mobile betting in Australia on these events. Online sports betting is not only lots of fun, and may lead to some financial rewards, but is incredibly easy and convenient to do. The variety of sports you can bet on is almost unlimited, and the interest in major sporting events such as the World Baseball Classic, ensures that all the online betting sites offer a huge array of possible bets you can use. Reputable online betting sites will not only offer a variety of wagers on any of the regular baseball games as well as the World Baseball Classic, but are also these days completely safe and secure in regard to your financial transactions.

Top betting sites should also always offer good customer service to anyone needing help with queries or requests.