online casino USA no deposit bonus

Choosing the Best Online Casino USA No Deposit Bonus

The best way to get an online casino experience in the states is by taking advantage of online casino USA no deposit bonus offers. These promotions are a great way to get instant free cash to wager at your favourite online casino.

Sign up and take advantage of these online casino offers and get real money paid into your casino account as soon as your details have been processed.

You can start wagering immediately and then once you have met the casino wager requirements, you can start withdrawing your cash using all major credit and debit facilities as well as online payment facilities.

The Legality Of Online Casinos

Online casino USA no deposit bonus promotions are offered at completely legal online casinos. They are regulated by international bodies like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada or the UK Gaming Commission.

These bodies insure that online casinos conduct their business practices in a lawful manner and that real money wagering can be done in a safe environment.

Real American Dollar Wagering

Online casino USA no deposit bonus money is available in American dollars. Even though online casinos are hosted in other countries, the preferred currency online is in fact American dollars.

You usually don’t have to look very far for an online casino that uses American dollars as most use the currency as default anyway due to its stability and its wide acceptance in many countries.

Safe And Secure Online Transactions

Online casino USA no deposit bonus offers is a great incentive to sign up to online casinos but once you are signed up, how is your real money transactions protected from hacker?

Real money deposits and withdrawals obviously will require sensitive banking details. Online casinos are already a few steps ahead of would be hackers in this regard.

They employ the best available encryption technology that completely protects all your sensitive personal information and ensures that transactions are secured from your internet enabled device, right through to your bank or financial service provider.

Audited And Fair Online Software

Many players may feel that even with the online casino USA no deposit bonus, it may still be a risky proposition to sign up. Luckily you can rest assured that there are special third party auditing companies that are hired for the specific purpose of checking online casino software and testing that these games are in fact fair and the results of slot spins or card shuffles are truly random.

Online casino games use special software called random number generators that essentially determine the outcome of random events in casino games.

This software is specifically designed to produce random results as would be obtained from someone shuffling a deck of cards or a croupier rolling a ball in a roulette wheel.

The third party companies test the results of the online games and provide a report on the software to the casino. The most reputable casino will publish the results of these reports and players can often view the reports on the site itself.

online casino USA legal

Online Casino USA Legalties From A Historical Point Of View

In order for any industry to function effectively, there must be sound rules and regulations and legal compliance in place.  The casino industry in the USA is governed by no less than three sets of gaming regulations.  Land based as well as online casino USA legal regulations are based on a body  of regulations going back more than two centuries.

The USA is in many ways a very liberal and open-minded country when it comes to gaming laws, with tribal casinos operating in more than 25 US states, and USA State-run lotteries being available in 44 US states.

Online casino gaming laws are slightly less progressive than its land based counterpart, but even here, the industry has seen exciting developments during the last couple of years.

Restrictions That Protect

Online casino USA legal regulations restrict certain activities for good reason.  Ultimately these laws are in place to protect both the industry and the players.

Some laws have in actual fact been deemed to be too restrictive, and amendments have been made in order to make better provision for growth on the online side of the industry.  The Interstate Wire Act is a good example of this.  The Act was initially passed in order to cut into the profits of organised crime, creating a penalty that could by enforced by Federal Government in the USA.

The secondary effect however, was that the Act restricted access to betting by wire (translating into online bets).  In 2011, USA Federal Government offered some clarity on a previously confusing Act, stating that wire communications that did not relate to a sporting event or contest, fell outside of the scope of the Act.  This largely liberated online gaming from the restrictions of the Act.

State Gambling Law

The toughest cookie in the bag when it comes to online casino USA legal restrictions is State Gambling Law.  It’s no surprise when considering that more than 50 law books must be taken into account and adhered to, not to mention county and municipal by-laws.

In the years following World War II, only Maryland offered regulated gambling that operated within the boundaries of the law.  It was only during the 1970’s, following a major economical depression that swept across all states in the USA, that gambling laws were relaxed.  Ever since then, land based, and more recently, online casino USA legal boundaries have continued to evolve and progress.

What must be constantly kept in mind, is that gambling provides valuable revenue, and when properly governed, becomes a active role player in keeping the wheels of the economy turning.  Legal and authorised gambling has been instrumental in the avoidance of taxes having to be raised in order to provide much needed services.

Tribal casinos have played an especially crucial role in increasing State revenue income.  The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act governs all tribal casinos, and stipulates that gaming revenue be used for Governmental and Charitable purposes only.

The overall positive effects of the gaming industry on the economy as well as the social morale of the country as a whole far outweigh the limited negative implications.

Break da Bank 3REEL

The Slot Game Break da Bank 3REEL is All About Money

It is every gambler’s dream to Break da Bank, and walk away with a life changing amount of money from the casino. Break da Bank 3REEL slots game is an online game created by the leading developer Microgaming, and this game caters to that dream, and develops that theme. This is a classic slot game with three reels and five pay lines.

Break da Bank 3REEL is still one of the most popular slots games Microgaming ever produced. It is over eight years since it was released, but is still widely played in many countries. This game has inspired several sequels and spin offs.

Simple and Clear Symbols

The theme of Break da Bank 3REEL is simple, and has only the one aim of money, and how to get lots of it. Staying in line with the theme of the game, all the symbols of Break da Bank three reels are connected to money.  Even the colours used in the game remind you of money, being green and gold and purple. There are gold Dollar Signs, Safety Vaults, Gold Coins, and the Break da Bank Logo.

There is also a Bar symbol, single, double and triple Bars, which are one of the basic classic slots symbols, and which are always present in three reel slot games.  The Break da Bank 3REEL is a Wild symbol, and can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. This Wild symbol will also double any prize of a winning sequence it helps to complete. If two of the Wilds are used in a winning combination, the winnings will be quadrupled.

An Easy to Read Pay Table

Break da Bank 3REEL is an easy game to play, like all classic slot games, but the payouts are good. This game also uses a pay table on the side of the screen which is easy to read, so you can just hit the spin button and begin play. There is also an AutoPlay function that you can use to keep the reels spinning automatically. You also have the chance of trying out the game for free before you wager real money.

Different Betting Options

Betting options may be a bit limited, but the wagering limits allow different coin denominations to be used, and will give an inclusive spectrum that will suit medium wager players as well as the penny bettors. The Bets that can be placed for amounts over a dollar will please high rollers. Break da Bank 3REEL can also be played on any mobile device, whether a smart phone or tablet. Whatever device you use the game will be identical to the game played online

There is a fixed jackpot, or maximum win, that is offered in Break da Bank 3REEL. To win this jackpot you have to find at least three of the Break da Bank Logos on an active pay line, and the amount of the jackpot that you win will depend on the number of pay lines in play at the time.

Break da bank 3 REEL is a classic slot game that remains popular because it is simple to play but offers some really good payouts. Because it has only three reels, there are no free spins rounds or bonus rounds. Any player can play end enjoy this game, whether they are new players or veterans of the online casino world of games.

Lady of Fortune

Lady of Fortune by Play n Go

Lady of Fortune is a five reel slot with fifteen optional paylines by developer Play n Go. This slot can be played both on desktop as well as most mobile devices. To find the slot you can go to your app store and search for it by name if you are using a mobile device, or it can be played via a Flash enabled web browser. This can be done on both mobile devices as well as desk top or lap top computers.

Lady of Fortune is a flexible slot that will appeal to players of all budgets. The fifteen paylines are all optional and you can bet from one up to five coins per line. The coin values are also adjustable. Lady of Fortune is a medium variance slot, meaning that the big wins do happen, but you may have to wait a bit and be patient. This slot will appeal to players who are not very serious about playing online slots. It is a light hearted game that can’t really decide whether it wants to be a mystical slot or a fun lucky one.

Lucky Theme

Although the name of Lady of Fortune tends to make you think of a fortune teller, this slot is actually all about lucky charms. These have been designed nicely enough without being too detailed or impressive. The graphics in Lady of Fortune are pretty middle of the range, they won’t totally turn you off but they won’t really excite you either. The reels are pink and opaque with a background that is pretty vague. Everything is done in typical slot drawing style, which isn’t quite cartoony but not realistic either. The soundtrack is a vague musical track with ambient sounds.

Simple Symbols

The symbols in Lady of Fortune are all theme based, but all look rather generic, like someone just searched for clip art of lucky charms and lumped them all into the game. At the top of the paytable we have red sevens which are worth 2500 coins for five in a row, then clovers for 1000 for five, with the horse shoe being the last of the top payers at 500 coins for five. Below them we find a rabbits foot, ladybird and dice. It is worth noting that in Lady of Fortune symbols do have to be next to each other to pay out, but do not have to start from the left. You can score a win if you have matching symbols on reels three four and five.

Special Symbols

There are only two special symbols in the game. The first is the Lady of Fortune scatter. These only show up on reels one three and five and carry a multiplier that gets added to your total bet. When all three of them come together you get to go to a Pick Me game where you choose one of the Ladies of Fortune. She will be hiding a prize which theoretically could award you with up to 150x your bet.

The golden wild will only show up on reel three. It replaces all other symbols except for the scatter. When it forms a part of a win it adds a random multiplier to that win which could be anything from 2x to 5x. This feature is linked to your wager amount. The higher your wager amount is, the higher the multiplier that the wild provides.

Happy Halloween

About Happy Halloween Play N Go Slot

Halloween comes once a year at the end of October, and many countries have adopted different traditions when it comes to the holiday. Whether it is going out and collecting treats or having a party, the general theme of spookiness is the same for Halloween all over the world. Monsters, ghosts, witches and ghouls are what Halloween is all about, and all of this can be found in the slot game Happy Halloween. Despite its spooky overall theme, the game is colourful and features a variety of different animations, all of which is set against a haunted house, which can just be seen behind the reels. The soundtrack of Happy Halloween consists of spooky ambient noises that add to the tone of the game.

Happy Halloween consists of 5 reel and 50 paylines making up the base game, while two different bonus features can be activated during gameplay. Play N Go is the developer behind the game, and they have managed to give Happy Halloween a unique feel. Coins are used as the wagering currency, and players playing a free version of the game will be given a fixed amount of coins to use. Coins can also be bought, and the price may vary per casino.

Playing Happy Halloween

Betting customisation can be done through two main settings in Happy Halloween. The first is the amount of coins that the player would like to wager for every spin. Secondly, the number of active lines that are available during gameplay is also a choice the player has. The more lines that have been activated, the higher the chance of landing symbol combinations and earning winnings. This, however, will cost more for every spin, and the player will need to decide on what suits them best.

Symbols in the game are all unique, and fit in well with the main theme. Players can expect to find symbols made up of Frankenstein’s Monster, a witch, a ghost, and more. All symbols have set values, which can increase depending on the type of combination chain that they land in. The ghost symbol has the highest value, with a return of 1000 should 5 of the ghost land across the reels. For more information about the values of symbols, as well as the general rules of Happy Halloween, players can refer to the paytable.

Happy Halloween Bonus Content

The witch symbol in Happy Halloween acts as the scatter, and three or more are needed in order to acquire free spins. Once three witches have landed anywhere on the reels, ten free spins are given to the player. During the bonus free spins rounds, every new spin introduces two new wilds on to the reels. The wilds can be used as a substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from scatters. The wilds that are added during free spins can be added to other wilds and turned into expanded wild symbols.

Lastly, Happy Halloween comes with a gamble feature that can be triggered after any win. Here, players have to try and guess through a number of different cards, and the possibility to double, or even quadruple winnings is possible.

Happy Halloween Verdict

The visuals, soundtrack, and overall tone of Happy Halloween will appeal to players that enjoy their games more on the spooky side.

Enchanted Crystals

Enchanted Crystals by Play n Go

Enchanted Crystals is a fairy tale themed online and mobile slot by software developer Play n Go. The game can be accessed on any mobile device and runs well on a smaller screen such as a smart phone. It can also be played with o download via a flash enabled web browser, either on your computer or on your mobile device.

Enchanted Crystals is a low variance slot, which means that small wins pay out often, but the bigger ones are much harder to hit. Unusually for Play n Go this slot does not have a set amount of win lines either, but falls into the 243 ways to in category. With coin values ranging from .20 up to 50 and the low volatility, this slot will appeal mostly to beginners or players who simply want a way to unwind. Enchanted Crystals is not a serious slot, it has a fun, light hearted demeanour perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Pretty Graphics

Play n Go have designed the graphics of Enchanted Crystals to fit in perfectly with the theme. They are modern and fun to look at and by no means dated like so many other online slots. Done in cheeky cartoon style, they are full of bright colours and animations. The sound track is unique, with music that pulses and becomes more intense during feature rounds. The screen is full of very detailed drawings, both behind and on the reels. This slot is very aesthetically pleasing, but may be difficult to see on a small screen if you have bad eyesight.

Fairies and Goblins

The theme to Enchanted Crystals is one of fairies, goblins and other mystical creatures that live in a forest. This is the sequel to Ply n Go’s Enchanted Meadow, so it continues in the same vein. The base symbols are from a deck of cards, but have been done to look like curled wood, which fits in well with the theme. The rest of the base symbols are all fairies, with the blonde haired pixie being at the top of the pile with 15 coins for five in a row. The base game in Enchanted Crystals does not pay out very much; you have to wait for the special features to really coin it. The other fairies are only worth seven, eight and five respectively for five of them in a row.

Enchanted Features

Enchanted Crystals has three special symbols during the base game. The first is the crystal of the games name. This is the games wild and can be found on the middle three reels, where it will expand to cover all of the three rows. When it does show up it grants you a free spin while it remains in place covering three rows. It also carries a three times multiplier.

Butterflies are the games scatters and free spins icon. Three of these anywhere on the reels will grant you ten free spins. After each free spin five butterflies will fly around the screen turning random symbols wild for the next spin

Goblin King Pick Me

The goblin who is trying to steal the crystal is the games bonus symbol. Three of these anywhere on the reels will trigger a second screen game where you have to navigate through his underground hideout to eventually reach a prize. The games standing jackpot of 450 times your bet is hidden somewhere in his lair behind one of the doors. The game is over if he catches you.

Play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required

Play Choy Sun Doa and Some Great Alternatives with No Deposit Required

Slots players of any level of experience will be glad to know that they are able to play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required at a variety of online casinos. Aristocrat, the developer behind this famous slots title, is commonly held to be the company that has made the Oriental theme the very best it can be, and there are a number of similarly-themed games like Lucky 88 and 5 Dragons that rank alongside Choy Sun Doa.

Aristocrat Leisure Limited, the more official title of the company known to players as Aristocrat, is one of the globe’s best-known providers of casino games. They are licensed in more than 200 different gaming jurisdictions, operate in over 90 countries around the world, and employ more than 3 000 people who ensure that the games players enjoy are always pushing the boundaries of technology; creativity; and innovation.

Oriental Themes Extraordinarily Popular Online and Off

The fact that it is possible to play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required is largely thanks to how popular online slots Canada games bearing this theme have become, and there are a number of reasons for this. It is a theme that allows for a wide scope of interpretation, allowing players to enjoy it in many different ways, and the fact that it is available in so many different guises is perhaps the biggest cause. The alternatives available for Choy Sun Doa share the Oriental theme and the 243 Ways to Win betting option.

Oriental Themed Games Featuring 243 Ways to Win

When players wish to play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required, they will be spoiled for choice, and, thanks to just how prolific this theme is, there are options which combine the theme and the betting system. Tiger Moon, a Microgaming game, is perhaps the most bona fide alternative available anywhere, as it combines the Oriental theme; 243 Ways to Win; and extra features in order to provide players with a robust game that delivers the closest thing possible to a Choy Sun Doa experience.

Those who are looking to play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required should be aware that although Aristocrat developers may be said to have started the trend for online slots machine games that feature 243 Ways to Win, Microgaming has very ably picked up the baton, and has managed to take this concept to the next level for players.

A more contemporary take for those who want to play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required is provided by Thunderfist, a Net Entertainment game, also offers players the Oriental theme, and provides the 243 Ways to Win feature as well.

Players who want to Play Choy Sun Doa and some great alternatives with no deposit required because of the quality of the graphics the game provides will also be able to find a number of different games from some of the biggest online casino game developers in the world. Oriental Fortune is a good example, as is Asian Beauty.

Play big name casino games at Coral Casino

Play Big Name Casino Games at Coral Casino

Not only are those who prefer gambling online able to play big name casino games at Coral Casino, it is a very easy process when they decide to do so, since all their slots games are listed on one totally comprehensive page to make selecting one simpler. Their tailor-made collection has been chosen by the players themselves, and is a summary of the most popular options on their website. Furthermore, there are enormous bonuses provided, and huge progressive jackpots, ever increasing, on offer as well.

When making the decision to play big name casino games at Coral Casino, players can rest assured that the game selection will never be the same, since the titles on offer change regularly in order to reflect the most well-liked games according to those making use of the site’s services. However, since the games featuring the biggest jackpots tend to remain the first choice of the majority of online players, there are some titles that remain centre-stage. These include Iron Man 2; Gladiator Jackpot and Jackpot Giant, all of which can be accessed directly from the main page.

Mobile and Desktop Platforms Supported at Coral Casino

When opting to play big name casino games at Coral Casino, there is no reason to limit interaction to one platform, since mobiles; tablets and desktop computers are all supported by this online place to play. Whether or not a certain game type or title is available for gambling on the go is indicated by an icon located on the top right-hand corner of each of the game’s pages, and, should it be visible, players can rest assured that the majority of modern smartphones will be able to display it correctly.

Should a gambler wish to play big name casino games at Coral Casino at a later stage, clicking the star symbol situated alongside each of the slots games will add it to his or her list of favourites, and it can be easily located the next time the player visits the site. All of the slots games that feature progressive jackpots will have these totals clearly displayed for the player to view, making sure that there is no chance that the player will miss out on a life-changing win simply because they were not aware of the enormous prize on offer.

Safety and Security Features at Coral Casino

Safety and security is guaranteed for when gamblers wish to play big name casino games at Coral Casino, thanks to the fact that it is part of the Gala Coral Group, a trustworthy, well-known name brand that has its focus on providing its players with first-rate games and the privacy in which these are best enjoyed. Thanks to this fact, Coral Casino has become one of the largest internet-based casinos in the world, and the Coral Group brand is one of the most instantly recognisable in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Coral Casino is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, operated by Coral Interactive Limited, and has its license from the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

Play at SkyBet.Com

Many Gamblers Play at SkyBet.Com

A significant amount of UK players find that they gravitate to this area’s bigger, better-known brands when it comes to exploring the world of Internet casinos. As this hobby has become a more widely enjoyed one, players have obviously tended to games they already know and love, and there are very few online entities that can claim as wide a selection of games and array of players as Sky.

This media company was in fact one of the very first in the United Kingdom to make the move to online casino entertainment and internet-based sports betting, and, thanks to the fact that almost every single one of the sports and TV fans across the country are already signed up to the service they provide, they have been able to convert this general popularity in the real world to help them become the first choice in the virtual one, as the majority of gamblers these days choose to play at

Bookmaking and Casino Options at SkyBet.Com

This company’s name is the one most commonly associated with online gaming as a result of it being the main brand in use for a good number of years. Although bookmaking is not the core business at this site, the accessibility of so many sports fans allowed them to focus on providing betting opportunities, with these often accompanied by live events with odds and news features from SkyBet. Thanks to the fact that they can now play at SkyBet.Com, players will head over to the site and review the betting options available as well, and can relax thanks to the well-known brand which provides it. The casino games available for play at fall under the appropriately named Sky Vegas umbrella, and its aim is to bring in some of the global gambling capital to the online screens of the United Kingdom and beyond.

SkyBet.Com Focuses on Players from the UK

Although Sky operates internationally in terms of its core business, those who play at SkyBet.Com will quickly realise that its gaming focus is very much centred on residents of the United Kingdom. Everything available for play at SkyBet.Com is provided in English and sterling, and the company has worked hard to ensure that they are able to forge gaming relationships with some of the most widely recognised gaming companies in operation today. IGT, for example, is one of the largest names in terms of land-based slots machines in the United Kingdom, and players of any level of land-based gambling experience will undoubtedly have encountered their games. In a similar fashion, many clubs and pubs around the UK have more classic; three-reel slots from Barcrest available and both these companies are key providers of the entertainment available at SkyBet.Com.

Poker; roulette; blackjack and a host of other popular casino games are available for play at SkyBet.Com, and betting options for football; horse racing; cricket; golf; rugby and tennis are also on offer for those who enjoy laying wagers as well. These portals are provided for computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets, and players are able to safely and securely conduct the real money transactions they need to when and as they please whenever they visit SkyBet.Com.

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play IGT Slots

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play slots was conceived as a result of the success of the original Da Vinci Diamonds slots, and it features twice as many paylines as the first game did, and spreads these across two sets of tumbling reels. It is a high variance slots game. The dual play format refers to the fact that there are two sets of reels laid one on top of the other –five reels above, and five below. The fact that there are 40 paylines in total means that there are that many more chances for winning combinations to be formed.

Da Vince Diamonds Dual Play Format and Design

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play slots has a sparkling design, filled with gems and jewels, and the symbols in place reflect this. Colourful gems and works of art by the famous painter who lends his name to the game make up the symbols for it, with the world-renowned Mona Lisa in place along with a self-portrait of the artist. The opulent red and green backdrop is very easy on the eye, and the player will immediately be hooked on the entertainment and fun this game is able to offer.

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play Features

The tumbling reel feature is the main draw card for Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play online slots, and all winning combinations are able to trigger it. The basis of this feature is that all symbols involved in creating a winning combination will disappear from the reels after the payouts have been made, and so leave space for more symbols to drop down and possibly create more winning payouts. The tumbling reel feature will carry on replacing winning symbols until no more profitable payouts can be formed.

IGT also has Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play feature what is known as the tumble thru, which allows symbols along the top to drop down and replace unused icons along the bottom reels.

Payouts for Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play

Players who are able to line up five of the Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play logos along a single payline will earn the 5 000 coin jackpot, and, as all line wins are able to be multiplied by the players’ line bets, the wins can become enormous very quickly. Should a player have bet the maximum amount on a spin where the five logos end up along his or her payline, a 250 000 coin prize will be awarded.

The wild symbol for Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play online slots is able to replace all of the other symbols for the game, excepting the extra payline bonus symbol.

Should a player manage to land three of the extra paylines bonus icons on the first; second and third reels six free spins will automatically be triggered. Twenty extra paylines will activate during the bonus round, so players end up enjoying the game with 60 paylines in total. This free spins feature can be retriggered from within the feature, up to a maximum of 300 spins, and each time the extra paylines bonus icons symbols appear on the first; second and third reels this will occur.