Silliest Racehorse Names in Australia

Silliest Racehorse Names in Australia

There are certain rules that you have to follow when naming a racehorse. The entire world pretty much follows the same guidelines, but they do leave a bit of room for manoeuvre. For example, the name cannot be longer than 18 characters. Names cannot represent any terrorist organizations.

You also can’t name a horse after a famous person without their permission. The name can allude to that person, but cannot directly name them. Names cannot be too rude, such as Hucking Fell or Pee Ness. Both of these were put to the Australian Jockey Club and disallowed as they were too close to the mark! Continue reading

soccer bets

Soccer Bets Explained

The use of overseas online betting sites is fully legal in New Zealand.  This has greatly stimulated the sports betting market, soccer bets not being the least of these.  The game itself is a popular sport in New Zealand, all the more so due to the fact that punters are able to participate in the excitement.  Reputable websites supporting the New Zealand Dollar are available aplenty, and deposits and withdrawals can be made free of hassle. Continue reading

rugby betting

Online Rugby Betting In New Zealand

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand when it comes to betting. With the introduction of online sports betting, more and more fans are realising how simple and rewarding rugby betting can be.

On top of around the clock rugby betting action, you can also find great bonus offers for new members, international sports news and information and a variety of methods to make real money deposits and withdrawals. Continue reading

election betting odds

Betting On Political Elections

All election betting odds are subject to one very distinct factor, timing. Punters from New Zealand following economic and political trends will find a host of election betting odds on a variety of New Zealand friendly platforms.

Backing an early underdog could yield lucrative winnings, with politics a show and tell affair; the sway of any deciding outcome lies in the hands of the people. Continue reading

Dota 2 bets

Dota 2 Bets Online

Dota 2 is an extremely popular ESport, drawing more fans from around the world than any other ESport currently played. It is a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena.

This is apposed to a FPS, first person shooter, or RTS, real time strategy. In a MOBA player teams go head to head in a fixed space area, doing battle, and ultimately gaining ground, to determine the ultimate winning team. Continue reading


Bandy Betting – Slipping And Sliding To Victory

Bandy, not to be confused with Ice Hockey, is a sport played in winter during which ice skaters use sticks in order to score a goal using a ball, by landing it in the opposing team’s goal.  The sport’s name presumably comes from the Middle French word “bander” – meaning to strike back and forth.

Bandy dates back 200 years, and is typically played with 11 players on a side.  The sport requires much more stamina from players, as a larger surface of ice is covered during a game.  Players are also not permitted to be substituted as often as in Ice Hockey. Continue reading


Ballooning Betting: The Sky Is The Limit

Ballooning certainly is one of the more unique and unusual sports around.  The fact that there are so many variables involved only adds to the excitement and overall volatility of the outcome.  Races are generally classified into two categories: speed and duration.

The weather is obviously the biggest challenge in any race, and the balloonist able to predict and react to changes in the weather is usually the one that comes out on top. Continue reading

online casino USA real money

Top Online Casino USA Real Money Options

Taking the time to search and discover some of the top online casino USA real money options can seem like a relatively daunting task but the payoff from such an endeavor results in players finding an online gaming option that fits with their preferences perfectly. This task is however potentially very time consuming and exhausting, requiring players to scour the internet which is certainly no small place.

However with a few key points on which parts to look at and for in this online industry players will quickly realize the control they have in setting up their perfect online gaming option. Better still, with practice and experience this task gets easier and more accurate so players will constantly be improving their options as they play. Continue reading

Online casino USA players

Looking For Online Casino USA Players

Online casinos have become wildly popular in both the USA and in the rest of the world. This is due to the fact that you can sit at home, in your favourite arm chair and partake in any kind of casino that that you fancy without having to step a foot outside. This is not only convenient but also safer.  But which online casino USA players make use of?

A simple search using a search engine will turn up a veritable slew of options. There are a number of things to look for when choosing your online casino USA players. Continue reading